There’s a Grand Design to Life

Grand Design

I love English Lifestyle and documentary style shows.  Some of my favourites include Escape to the Country, Time Team and Grand Design.  Whenever I watch them I feel instantly relaxed.  From the soothing voice of the host to the beautiful scenery often featured in these shows, to the relaxed approach to the content. Grand Design follows people building their dream homes and even when something is going wrong the host Kevin McCloud has the ability to keep a calm feeling going so I don’t feel stressed for the guest.   What I love most about this show is seeing the ideas people have for their dream home and the hard work they are willing to do to get it.

I’ve been watching this show for a while but episode 7 of season 14 really inspired me. I have even taken a photo of my favourite moment in the episode and use it as my phones wallpaper.

This episode introduces us to Nicki and Andy Bruce who want to build their dream home on the bank of the River Thames.  This presents a range of issues such as flooding and the fact that they are basically on an island so have to transport all their materials and equipment over the river using a handmade ferry.  This brings on issues like the dump truck they need sinking to the bottom of the river to creating a “floating” house so it rises with the flood water each winter.

Throughout the episode Kevin asks the couple why they chose to purchase their lot when there was another vacant lot further up the river which would have removed a lot of the issues they were having.  He was baffled by Andy’s “astonishing optimism” but believes the couple were brave for trying the new concept for a “floating” house as it’s the first of its kind in the UK.

Grand Design

Then the moment that hit me with inspiration; as the couple take Kevin through the house he walks into the open plan living room and Kitchen and the camera pans out to the breath taking view of the river. It’s beautiful; I could just picture myself sitting by the window with a cup of tea and a book drinking in the view of the flowing river and the swaying trees. The camera then goes back to Kevin’s reaction to the view and you can see he is thinking the same, after looking as though his breath has literally been taken away he says “I get it, it’s not about this (gesturing to the house’s ability to float) it’s about this (gesturing to the view through the floor to ceiling windows)” and he’s right.  As Andy explains after he saw the view from that vacant lot he could visualise himself sitting there with a glass of wine, enjoying the view and he never lost sight of that vision.

This episode goes to show, regardless of the obstacles you face, of the people who try and tell you you’re crazy just because they can’t see what you see, don’t let it stop you from reaching your goal. If you can see something clearly and it’s strong enough to fill you with a positive feeling, go for it and don’t stop till you get it because all those people who doubted you will envy your vision when they see the finished product.

Stay Optimistic

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