What I learnt at Supanova

In November of last year, I attended my first Supanova Expo.  The Supanova Pop Culture Expo is a three-day fan convention held annually around Australia.  It focuses on science fiction and fantasy-themed movies, TV, comic books, anime, gaming and collectables. Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars was speaking at the Expo which was my primary reason for going. I was surprised by how much I actually gained from the weekend.

What I learnt from Lucy Hale (from Pretty Little Liars)

I attended several Q&A sessions throughout the weekend, but there were two that really resonated with me. The first was Lucy Hale, and not just because she spoke about my favourite TV show.  She also shared some brilliant advice that has stuck with me months later. One of the members of the audience asked Lucy, “what’s one piece of advice you can share with us?”. Lucy replied, “never take yourself too seriously”.  She then explained that she tries not to sweat the small stuff and the things she can’t control. When someone puts her down or something doesn’t go her way, she doesn’t dwell on it, she moves forward and doesn’t let it get her down. At the time I thought ‘what great advice’ and took note. Even now I can’t believe how much I’ve applied this to my own life and as a result how much more relaxed I feel. It’s true, don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Lucy Hale

What I learnt from Greg Grunberg (from Heroes)

To be completely honest, I hadn’t intended on sitting in on Greg’s session. Due to conflicting schedules with other speakers, I listened to Greg to ensure I wouldn’t miss the session after him. I am so glad I did! Greg has so much passion for what he does.  Listening to him talk about the acting and writing he does, his excitement was infectious.  But what really stuck with me was his advice to act on your ideas. He said, “if you have an idea for a story or a movie just write it and get it out there”. “The time and energy it takes to think should I do this? Is it a good idea? Or will people like it? You could have already written it and started sharing the idea”.

Greg Grunberg

The advice both Lucy and Greg provided really inspired me. Especially with the struggles and doubts, I went through thinking about starting a blog. It’s been such a positive outlet for me, I wish I had started it sooner. I’ve found that being more open to positive influences and allowing the negative ones to leave has really made my life happier.  I believe this advice can apply to anyone.  You don’t have to be a celebrity to come across negative people who make you feel you’re not good enough.  I’m sure there is something you’ve been thinking about doing, but every time you do, all the reasons not to do it pop into your head.  We’ve all had those friends we feel obliged to contact on their terms, otherwise, they’ll be mad at us.

What I know for sure, it’s important to be open to learning, to find people living the life you want and learn everything you can. Now I’m not saying we all want to be a famous actress, far from it, but we all have our own goals and dreams.  I want to be as happy and passionate about my life as Lucy and Greg. So I will continue absorbing nuggets of information from the people living their passion and following their dreams.

So get started and stop sweating the small stuff

Little J

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