A new spin on an old classic – Strawberry & Nutella Hot cross bun

Nutella and Strawberry Hot Cross Bun

In celebration of all things Easter I thought I would share with you my favourite Hot Cross Bun Combination.

I recently went strawberry picking and been a little overenthusiastic in the strawberry fields. I found that I had more than enough berries for my usual recipes. Having had my fill of the usual toasted Hot Cross Bun and butter pairing, I had grown bored, however, in a meant-to-be moment my eyes landed on the abundant strawberries I had picked and genius was born! Combined with a “little” Nutella, the humble Hot Cross Bun has been transformed with a little help from the strawberry. The real question is, how had I not thought of this magical combo before?

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After some experimentation (in the name of science, of course) the perfect recipe I found is to toast the Fruit Hot Cross buns, adding a generous layer of Nutella followed by sliced sweet strawberries. I find this combination along with a freshly brewed cup of tea is absolute heaven!  The crunch you get from the toasted bun with the smoothness of Nutella and a soft burst of strawberry gives a mixture of textures and sweet savoury flavours that complement each other in just the right way. Give this new spin on an old classic a try before those Hot Cross Buns run out!

You’re welcome 😉

Little J

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