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Etsy Adelaide Craft Party

Last Friday Etsy Adelaide held a free stationary craft party at the Brick+Mortar Creative.  It was the first time I had seen an event like this, so I thought I would grab my friend Lo (a fellow craft enthusiast) and head on over.  Our night started at Ben and Jerry’s scoop shop across the road; since we were about 45 minutes early, we figured what better way to start off a night of crafts than a scoop full of happiness. Totally the right call. Once we finished, we walked over to the event where people were already arriving.  It was my first time and Brick+Mortar Creative, so it was really cool to check out some artists’ work which they had set up around the room.  After discussing all the things Lo and I wanted to buy in the room or attempt to make (we both knew all of it was above our Novice level of craft experience) we made our way over to one table to set ourselves up for a night of crafts. The room set up was well throughout with a range of table sizes to allow participants to join bigger tables or set up in small groups with all the tables close enough together that it promoted interaction between everyone.

The party began with the Etsy helpers coming around with instructions for the small tear-off notepad (pictured below) which we were told would take approximately 30 minutes to complete. I’m not sure how long I took to complete this one, but I feel like my indecision on pattern choices may have pushed me over the average time haha.  There was a large range of colours, materials and patterns to use for all the designs so I struggled to pick just one. I found at this point I had to choose what my next booklet design would be and the colours I would use for it to help complete my choice for the small notepad.  After much deliberation surrounded by piles of pinks, dots and zigzags I went with an 80s neon design for the mini note pad since I figured it was clearly a sign as there was only one sheet of the 80s style paper. It had pink, blue and green neon triangles which popped out through the black background.  I paired it with a neon yellow backing and added my touch with a neon green panel to cover the edge where the paper tears off to hide the glue that joined it all together. Not content with the finished product, I added a teal bow to keep with the 80s excess theme with some help from Dalin my new table buddy in tying the perfect bow.Tear off Notepad

For my second booklet, I decided on the Japanese Stab binding booklet, which had an approximate completion time of 1 hour. Again, I think this took me closer to an hour and a half as I can be a bit of a perfectionist. This time I went with a girly design using pinks and hearts galore. After having a slight issue after choosing to cut the front cover myself (rather than asking a helper to perfectly cut it with a guillotine) I ended up cutting the cover too small, which meant the paper underneath was showing through the edges. In a light bulb moment, even MacGyver would be proud of I added a sheet of blue cardboard behind my cover, giving it a great pop of colour that totally looked like I had designed it that way from the start. I then tied it all together (both figuratively and literally) using blue thread. I then finished it by adding L, J, A with some coloured heart stickers.Etsy Adelaide Craft party

All the helpers were very approachable and helpful; it was nice to have a lovely bunch of people who enjoyed helping as much as the participants enjoyed crafting. The other attendees ranged from professional Etsy sellers to novice crafters like myself and Lo, so if you see one of these events advertised and you’re worried you aren’t creative enough, don’t stress because there will be plenty of others like you and just as many who are happy to help. My table buddies Mable, Dalin and Lo provided great support during my self-doubt in completing the products and even more laughs throughout the night.

It was a good night where I met a lot of lovely people and made some cool new booklets. I will definitely keep my eye out for more events like this; I would suggest following the Etsy Facebook page if you would like to be notified of events in your area.  Thank you to the Esty team for providing me with a night of laughter, fun and bonus of walking away with a sense of accomplishment and new friends.  What more could you ask for out of a Friday night?

Happy crafting

Little J

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