Jurassic Park – revisiting a classic in print

Jurassic Park

The 1993 hit movie Jurassic Park has long been a favourite of mine, so it was with some hesitation that I opened the pages of the original book written by Michael Crichton in 1990. I think most readers will agree that when it comes to movie adaptations of novels, more often than not the book is better than the film. Given this, I didn’t want to ruin my favourite movie by loving the book more.  Jurassic Park continues to be one of my favourite movies and is now one of my favourite books!

They used a lot of elements from the book throughout the movie Jurassic Park and The Lost World sequel giving it a familiar feel which allowed me to picture the characters I had grown up watching. The book included such classic scenes as the Pterodactyls in the Avery and a baby T-Rex, which are only seen in The Lost World movie.  I won’t elaborate too much on those to avoid spoilers.

The only negative I found with the book was the author’s portrayal of Lexie.  In the movie, she was a key character who assisted with getting the park up and running, and I found her to be a likeable and brave young female lead. However, in the book, she is the younger sibling and really offers no help but a constant stream of whining. Because of this, I much prefer the film’s re-interpretation of Lexie and its overall engaging portrayal of the characters.

One negative point aside, the book is an excellent read with many fantastic moments. In particular, the author did a superb job with helping you feel the pain Timmy went through; he still has the same accidents he did in the movie, but I felt more empathy for the poor kid reading about his injuries. The Raptors feature more heavily in the book, with a few more kitchen style scenes which have always been my favourite. The book starts off a little slow, spending more time exploring how the dinosaurs were created and why Biosyn was trying to steal the embryos. However, much like the movie, once the main characters get on the island the real story begins and you will struggle to put the book down!

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