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Sophie's Patch

Recently Lo has taken a keen interest in sustainable gardening. A new hobby I have been more than happy to join her in. As I’ve mentioned in some of my previous blogs and as I’m sure you can tell from my Instagram feed, I am very much loving all things nature.  So when I think about starting my garden, it makes sense to make it as sustainable as possible.

While Lo and I are still beginners, we are both keen on taking in as much advice and information as we can. We’ve found the best way to do this is to find local bloggers who can offer helpful advice. Recently Lo found out her favourite garden blogger was hosting a tour of her sustainable garden, so she immediately booked us some tickets.

Sophie's Patch

We set off to Sophie’s Patch in Mount Barker, about 40 minutes out of Adelaide.  Once there, we were greeted by Sophie and handed a pamphlet with information about the garden and a detailed map of the property.  Sophie took us around her garden for about 2 hours, showing us each of her plants and explaining some problems she’s encountered during their growth. We then stopped for some morning tea, which included cakes made from vegetables grown in her garden and delicious tea and coffee.  The tour then continued for about an hour more and they gave us time to walk around and explore on our own.  Overall, it was a very educational experience as it helped Lo and I feel more confident in trying to grow our own gardens. This was because of Sophie’s assurance that even with her years of experience, not every plant grows as well as it should.  However, she continues to tweak her approach until she gets it right.

Sophie's Patch

While walking around I could smell the beautiful perfume of fresh flowers, with a hint of sweet honey floating through the air from the nearby beehive. The sound of chickens scratching around looking for food and beneficial bugs buzzing about tending to their flowers, I just felt relaxed walking down the various paths enjoying the morning sun and appreciating all the work that had been put in to produce such a beautiful garden.

Sophie's Patch

If you are thinking about growing your own garden and are unsure where to start, I would suggest finding local gardeners like Sophie. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others and can offer local advice, which we are learning is very important as different suburbs within our state can have different soil and weather conditions.  So if you’re looking for a hobby to help you relax and even save you money in the future (when you’re growing your own vegetables) check out sustainable gardening and help nature help you.

Happy gardening

Little J

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