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    About Us

      Ji An Xie Wei Technology Co.,Ltd. is specialized in producing odd and even multi-layer circuit boards and aluminum plate PCB board manufacturers, the company's positioning is "quality manufacturers, small factories reaction speed and price, most cost-effective circuit PRD home plate. " Co-dimensional technology pcb production PCB board service in most electronic products such as digital products, communications, industrial control, car navigation, computer peripherals, household appliances, car stereos and led lamps.
      The company started production in 2006 in Ji'an County Industrial Zone has a board Baiyun industrial chain and low-cost advantages, is now developing into Ji'an County Factories existing plant a total of more than 6000 square meters, more than 200 employees, more than double-sided layer circuit board to produce more than 6000 square meters, one-sided printed circuit board production over 7000 square meters per month, the monthly output of metal aluminum plate over 2000 square meters of medium-sized printed circuit board manufacturers.
    With the continuous expansion of business, in order to better serve our customers, better adapted to the current electronic product development cycle is short, varieties, a small number of features, the company incorporated in 2011 in Shenzhen, a fast sampling and small batch pcb factory specialized responsible for domestic small batch pcb proofing system board and the circuit board market, daily pcb prototype and small volume shipments of over 200 models.
      The company set up in 2010 in response to the world's energy saving and environmental protection to develop LED industry trend of high thermal conductivity metal plate division, specializing in the development and production of high thermal conductivity aluminum plate, copper substrate, iron substrate, circuit boards and other products, and domestic and several University and research institutes to establish a stable and cooperative partnership. The company produces aluminum plates and other metal substrates are widely used in high-power LED lighting products, high-field power, electric power, medical equipment, machinery and equipment.
      The company's operating philosophy is: "Quality is the basis of survival, efficiency is the best way to meet customers, service is to get the customer back channel", in order to fully meet customer requirements PCB manufacturers, the company passed the UL, ISO9001: 2000, environmental protection (ROHS) and other international certification. The operating all according to ISO international quality management system for the daily management and operation, so that our printed circuit board factory to continuous improvement of quality, access to domestic electronics manufacturers widely recognized in the electronics industry enjoys a good reputation.
      The company's goal is to become the Pearl River Delta, the most cost-effective and most intimate service printed circuit board business, we sincerely hope to be a priority on your business partners, and your common development and growth! Our advantages are: quick market response capacity, the factory excellent quality, better and more attentive service.

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    Address:High-tech development zone,Ji'an County,JiangXi ,China TEL:0796-8413998 FAX:0796-8413998
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