Earth Angels

Earth Angels

I first heard the term Earth Angel while watching Back to the Future, (great song, even better movie.  Don’t get me started on that trilogy.  We’ll save that for another time).  Earth angels are people who spread their light. They are bright, calming souls who encourage those around them and want everyone to do well.  Everyone comes into your life for a reason; I only hope I have given as much as I have received from some truly amazing people.

A little over a year ago, (before I had the confidence to write) I was lucky enough to meet one.  She had just started working for the same company as me, and I had been assigned to train her.  The first thing I noticed about her was her beautiful bright soul.  It was very apparent that she was an intelligent, strong and positive woman.

Since she was a a fair bit older than me I asked, ‘What advice would you give to 30-year-old you?’

She thought for a moment and replied, “Find what makes you, you, and never stop doing it.”  She explained she had a hobby she really enjoyed, it made her feel fulfilled, happy and proud of herself.

When life became busy, with kids, work or unexpected events, she would forget to make time for herself and it took a toll on her.  So now, no matter what’s going on in her life, she makes time.  Now she feels more herself and relaxed because of it.

I immediately thought about my own hobbies and what makes me the happiest.  That’s when I realised without a doubt reading and writing brings me the most joy.  When I make time for them, I feel more myself.  This amazing advice began a very important journey for me.  I feel more relaxed, more myself and very optimistic for the future.

It was also through my current job that I met the most amazing bubble of optimism.  She gave me the push to take my writing further.  Her constant excitement for life inspired me to strive for a life I could get excited about.  Another Earth Angel I met through a job I applied for because I desperately needed a change after the toughest year of my life.

So take the time to find the thing that makes you, you and never stop making the time to do it.  I also think it’s important to have those conversations with other people, spread the joy and positive vibes.  What I know for sure is everything is a lot more fun when everyone works together to get the most out of life.

Happy searching

Little j

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