Baked Meatballs

Baked meatballs

It’s a common problem isn’t it, trying to find new dinner ideas that are cheap, easy and tasty.  I’ve had a few people asking me to share my recipes after teasing them with Snapchats of my latest creations.  Since like many I google quick, healthy dinner ideas, I thought I would share my recipes.  Firstly, to encourage me to actually write them down and secondly to save me the time of sharing them with multiple people and instead just refer them here.

A quick disclaimer: these posts are not sponsored or endorsed by any of the brands I use.  I use these brands purely because I like them but feel free to substitute them for your own favourites 🙂

Baked Meatballs

560g Beef and Pork Meatballs

4 rashers Coles Short Cut Bacon Rindless and Wood Smoked* (Diced)

1 Clove Garlic

1 Red Capsicum (Sliced into strips)

1 Yellow Capsicum (Diced)

1 Zucchini (Skin left on cut in half circles)

1 Cup Spinach

2 Large Portabella Mushrooms (Sliced into 3cm pieces)

2 500g Jars Leggo’s Pizza Supreme Pasta Bake Sauce

100g Danish style fetta

1 cup Grated Cheese (I used Colby)

Pepper to taste


  1. Fry meatballs in batches in a little oil (I used olive oil). Turning them for approx. 5 minutes until they are crispy on the outside. Then set aside.
  2. Add a little more oil to the pan and fry the bacon and garlic until bacon just crisps.
  3. Add both capsicums, zucchini, mushrooms and spinach until they soften.
  4. Add both jars of pasta sauce and pepper to taste then bring to the boil.
  5. Pour into an oven-safe baking dish and sprinkle the top with diced feta and grated cheese and place in the over. Cook at 220c in a non-fan forced oven or 200c in a fan-forced oven uncovered for 20-25 minutes or until cheese has nicely melted. (If using Colby cheese, it won’t brown as much as most cheddar’s.)

We split this meal over two dinners and one lunch.  The first dinner we served the baked meatballs with a side of fries and some crusty bread rolls.  For lunch, we reheated them in the microwave and served them in a baguette* with butter, grated cheese and rocket. For leftovers dinner, we heated the meatball bake in the oven, then spooned it over Fusilli pasta and served it with garlic bread.

You could also serve them with mashed potatoes or on a baked potato.

*I really liked the extra element the wood-smoked flavour brought to the dish.

*We used a Rustic Baguette from the Coles Bakery. It’s so delicious, I’m still dreaming about it!

I will update the image next time I cook this dish. I hadn’t planned to share it at the time haha.

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