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Mintaro Maze

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved Mazes. For me, they conjure up childhood memories of Alice in Wonderland (book or movies, I love them all) or the Labyrinth (1986 movie starring David Bowie, I still love it).  I always feel a sense of magic when I’m in one, it’s that perfect mix of puzzle-solving and sense of the unknown. You never know what’s around the corner.  So when I found a Hedge Maze in the Clare Valley about 1 hour and 45 minutes from Adelaide, I had to see it immediately.

I grabbed my trusty partner in crime Sarah and off we went to Mintaro Maze.  I had read a few reviews before leaving and the only negative comments surrounded the time it took to complete the Maze as some felt it was too short.  Well, Sarah and I were determined to spend at least an hour making our way through the elaborate Hedge Maze so we vowed to ignore our impatient childish urge of running through as fast as we could and instead took the time to look at everything the Maze offered.

Alice's tea party

Once we got there, they handed us a sheet of questions to complete while we were in the Maze.  The questions were about what was in the Maze like “how many gnomes in the garden?” So it became a competition of who could answer the most questions correctly.  As we made our way through the Maze, each turn offered a new surprise so we made sure we went down every pathway possible until we made our way to the middle where we could make a wish in the fountain and then enjoy the beautiful scenery around us. As we made our way out of the Maze giggling with childhood excitement, we took “artistic” photos of the statues along the way, finishing up in the gnome garden where there is an eclectic mix of goofy and cute gnomes.  This was also where the quiz ended and we both got 100% correct.

Hedge Maze

We spent 1-2 hours making our way through the Maze, like most things in life if you stop to see everything the Maze offers from the cute statues placed throughout the paths to just stopping for a moment to look around and appreciate how beautiful the scenery is around you, not only will you enjoy your experience more, time will just fly by.

Happy exploring,
Little J

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