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Adelaide Zoo

I love the Zoo! I have so many memories throughout my childhood visiting Adelaide Zoo with my parents, siblings and grandparents. My fond memories of school trips where I had to report on various animals and their behaviours.  Sorry to break it to my primary school teachers, I made most of the observations up as I spent the entire day sitting in front of the seal enclosure.  I have plenty of happy memories of spending time with family and being mesmerised by the animals.  I love seeing the improvements each time I visit, especially the zoos focus on the importance of conservation and how we can help keep these beautiful animals around for years to come.

While I have always been a frequent Zoo goer, it wasn’t until this year when I was gifted a cheetah experience that I released there was a whole other side to Adelaide Zoo I hadn’t seen! After looking at the Zoo’s website, I discovered there is a wide range of animal experiences available for purchase.  I still have to redeem my Cheetah experience, but I am holding off so I can start the new year with a fun new experience.  Since Lo is still relatively new to Adelaide, she was yet to visit the zoo.  So, we booked in the penguin experience, which gave us the opportunity to feed the Little Penguins, also known as the Fairy Penguin.

Adelaide Zoo

We started the day with a delicious brunch at The Store on Melbourne Street and then took a short walk over to the zoo. Once there, we spent about two hours following the grey paved path, observing the lions and tigers and bears. Oh my, did we have fun! Timing our arrival at the Penguin enclosure perfectly, arriving a few minutes before our experience so we had some time to sit and compose ourselves as our excitement grew.  We had two penguin keepers and a photographer enter the exhibit with us, and two other participants.  We were each given gloves and a run-through of how to feed the penguins correctly.  Once inside, we were seated facing towards the back of the exhibit, so I felt like we were the only people there. As I sat down, the penguins huddled around me once they saw the familiar bucket of delicious fish they had been waiting for and the feeding began.  At first, the excitement of having snapping beaks coming towards me was a little overwhelming. I rushed to feed them all as quickly as possible.  Previously, when I’ve been in a situation, I’m really excited about, I become just as excited as a kid on Christmas morning, tearing off the wrapping paper as quickly as possible to get to the next gift.  However, I’m now becoming better at calming myself down so I can properly enjoy the moment and take away clearer memories.  So, I took a moment to calm myself and become present in the moment.  This helped me to see each penguin and watch them take the fish from my hand and really enjoy the experience.  I was having so much fun I had completely forgotten there was a photographer in the exhibit taking photos of our special moment.  It didn’t matter; I was enjoying myself so much that my face was beaming with happiness.  When it came to picking a photo to take home, I had plenty of candid action shots to choose from.

Adelaide Zoo

The discovery of the animal experiences has added even more excitement into my zoo visits.  For just $35, I could get up close with the Little Penguins, gain some fantastic new memories and a lovely photo to add to my collection.  I look forward to trying new zoo experiences in the future and even plan to purchase them for family and friends.

It’s time for a Zoo day!

Little J

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